What We Do

IMG_0106_edit1IMG_0496_edit1Support the Matènwa Community Learning Center’s core program ~ the operation of its preK-6 grade school, the breakfast program, and the gardening activities at the school and at local families’ homes. In FY 2012-13, donations to Friends of Matènwa supported 98% of MCLC core program’s budget. Learn about MCLC at www.matenwa.org

IMG_1657_resize1Advocate for Creole Literacy and Social Justice, with an emphasis on child rights ~ in schools and communities. Children learn when taught in their native tongue in a safe, respectful and interactive environment. Our Mother Tongue Book program and approach to teaching is spreading across schools in Haiti. Learn more here.Listen to a young student read her Mother Tongue Book in Kreyòl here.


N7IMG_3319_resize1Listen and respond to community needs and aspirations ~ gardens, artisan crafts, economic opportunity, earthquake relief, cholera education, water supply, community theatre, reflection circles, continuing education through high school. Through grants and donations, adult education and training, Friends of Matènwa enables community change. See two examples: Gardening and artists of Matènwa.


IMG_0651Create School to School Partnerships ~ linking schools in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with MCLC. Schools learn about Matènwa and Haiti, make Mother Tongue Books that are exchanged with MCLC and conduct fund-raisers such as Puerto Rico’s “Heart for Haiti” celebration to support the MCLC core program. Annual teacher exchanges and summer camp programs provide transformational travel experience that impact learning in both US and Matènwa classrooms. Read about one school’s commitment: Fayerweather Street School.