Who We Are

IMG_0985_resize1IMG_0496_edit1Our Mission: Friends of Matènwa supports programs that offer the Matènwa community and by extension other communities of Haiti, opportunities to achieve their expressed goals regarding education, social justice, community and cultural development, health and welfare goals and priorities.

ESK_resize1Our Approach: Friends of Matènwa believes in the power of communities of people to come together to express their needs and priorities and to set a course for the betterment of their own lives. We believe that our role is to listen carefully and, where possible, to provide technical and financial help.

Holland_builds_the_schoolThe Matènwa Story: The Matènwa Community Learning Center’s story begins in 1996. It is based first in the hopes and dreams of its founders and continues with the empowerment of its community. Click here to read the Matènwa Story.

IMG_0613_resize1Our Organization: Friends of Matènwa is a new organization formed in 2010. Its mission was supported under the umbrella of Beyond Borders for 16 years: Friends of Matènwa still benefits from Beyond Borders’s advice and counsel. Click here to learn more about our organization.